El Grito Festival
September 15 & 16
Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby, Oregon
Become a Vendor


Hello Vendors,

You do not have to be a Mexican orientated merchant to be at this event. We accept various types of vendors.

Many of you know me ,Tracy Munoz, from when I produced the Cinco de Mayo in Downtown Portland. You know the level of professionalism and organization that I bring to my events. My team and I know how to bring an event to life!.

I left the very successful Cinco de Mayo event when my eight year contract was up. I fulfilled my part of the bargain , which was to bring the event back to life and make it financially whole. It's now time to move forward and create another exciting, interesting, meaningful and successful event for our community. I hope you will join me in bringing El Grito to life!

A fun event should be just that...FUN. So, we set rules and regulations for everyone to follow so we all know what is expected of us. It makes the event run smoothly. I am a vendor myself so I try to do what is best for the vendor.

Folks say that I'm easy to work with and that, I DON'T JUST SELL BOOTH SPACE, I CREATE AN EXPERIENCE!

I have been in the event business since I was a child and I believe that Vendors are the CORE of every event. You are who make the event whole and I appreciate all of the hard work that you do daily for our industry.

To help establish this first time event, I will be advertising heavily across all media. I have incorporated many special and FREE concepts during the

event to help capture a diverse crowd. I am also advertising to all nationalities because this event is focused on introducing everyone to

El Grito...an historic day in history! And boy will everyone have fun doing it!

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